Why Are You Blogging?

Andrea Chang

So up until now, I have always thought that blogging was not for me. It felt strange writing diary-like entries that were readable by complete strangers on the internet. I’ve come to change my stance on this as I realized we already share bits of our lives all the time, whether it’s through social media – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or even the songs that we share online as composers and musicians. They are different forms of who we are. It is the exchange of ideas that triggers creativity and sheds light on new perspectives and ideas on tackling things in a whole different direction. I think often times we forget how cool the internet is. At our fingertips is the ability to converse with someone across the world and share and exchange ideas that in a previous day and age we wouldn’t have fathomed to be remotely possible. I want to take advantage of that and share my work, my thoughts, and hopefully build a community where people can bounce ideas off each other and inspire and encourage each other.   

I know that some of you who are reading my blog may have no background in audio or anything related to what I do, and are just curious to read about what I’m up to, and I appreciate your support and love 🙂 I will cater my posts to all audiences. Most of the posts will be audio related but communicated in a way that anybody can understand and benefit from. For those who are audio people, I will share both my good and bad experiences and hope that they can benefit you in some way. In terms of what I will be posting, it will not be anything content specific due to NDAs and things of that nature, but it will be a lot of general learnings and perspectives.

During my dad’s funeral a while back, I was amazed by how many people came up to talk and share about how he was a blessing in their lives and the impact he had on them. While my personality is unlike that of my dad’s (he was very extroverted and loud), I want to be able to have an impact on people’s lives and help them if I can in my own way. It is not easy to pursue the career of music, sound, audio, or any form of entertainment related jobs for that matter. I want to be able to share my journey with others to both help and encourage them on their journey.  

Lastly, so much happens all the time. I think it would be a waste not to write down my adventures 🙂 I’ve spent many seasons in my life in many different places, and this is a way that I can streamline and share my experiences in a single location. I have always loved writing as well, whether it be music notes or words, so it definitely feels great to be able to express myself through these channels again. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and I hope it is a place that you can find both inspiring and educational. I will update it as often as I can!   

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